New Here!xxx

Hi everyone! I'm new here and obviously love shugo chara:-). I'm a England teen girl and into many magical girl animes (e.g. pretty cure, cardcaptor sakura, sailor moon ect)

My favourite character is Amu and Rima! As I am new I want to know something about you: what is your favourite character?, what other magical girl show do you watch?, where in the world do you live?. Anything you like.

May your heart be unlocked!:-)

Looking for Takara Tomy Humpty Lock + Guardian Egg set

Hoping to buy takara tomy humpty lock and guardian key set for an affordable price. I missed 3x listings on Japan Auction in the last 2 weeks ><" for a good price too since the timezone from me and my middleman was so different (emails were replied to 12 hours later usually :( ). So, I'm hoping I can find one on here for an affordable price.

Will buy Shugo Chara Merchandise

Hello fellow Shugo Chara fans~ I will buy Shugo Chara merchandise, particularly the Yuiji Takara TOMY Humpty locks & keys gashapons (not theses$T2eC16FHJIQE9qUHri6NBQVU!d3sD!~~60_12.JPG). The normal or white one is the one I desire most. The Humpty lock/ Dumpty key Sets would be even better :3. Certain keychains I am interested in is: Iru/devil Utau (christmas is coming so I don't know what my family bought me when it comes to keychains. So I will edit later about that). If you have them please send picture first (since there are Asian counterfeiters.) and I use Paypal. We will discuss prices ;).



What the gashapon locks/keys look like:
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Gauging Interest

Hi all~ I have come to realize that my Shugo Chara passion has diminished in the past couple years. Before deciding to part with my entire collection, I wanted to know if there was still a love for this series and a demand for its merchandise. I spent 3 years in Japan while Shugo Chara was still being released, so I have amassed quite a bit of authentic collection pieces. If you'd like an idea of what I would be selling, please have a look at my collection gallery. If anything (preferably large amounts) piques your interest, let me know. As I said, this isn't a guarantee that I'll be selling, but if there's a large enough interest and reasonable offers, I will probably consider.

Click image to go to full collection gallery.

Now that I look at this, it isn't even 100% updated. I have a bunch of stuff not pictured here. orz
:D \o/ Menma

Want to buy: Shugo Chara merch!

Hello guys~

So I've got back into Shugo Chara I really do love this series. I only have a few pieces of merch though a colouring book, a pencil tin and a broken Rima keychain.

So do any of you have any Shugo Chara merch you want to sell as I may be interested in buying them.

I'm most interested in the Shugo Chara keychains and Chara/people and the Egg keychains. Or maybe a plush too as I've seen some around before.

Please let me know! I'm in the UK if you need to know that.

Thank you! <3

Giving Away a Bunch of Shugo Chara/Anime Related Things

Okay, so here's the thing... I went all crazy wacko and bought a bunch of anime-related things, and pretty much decorated my whole room anime style, not realizing that my obsessions tend to come and go. Now it's 2012 and I barely even like anime anymore and I have a bunch of junk that I don't need. So, what better thing to do than to give it away? This is pretty much just first come first serve. I'm going to put as much as I can into a yellow envelope and ship it off to the first person who comments. So yeah... if you don't want a bunch of random stuff then don't comment.

I'm not sure how much I'll be able to fit into a yellow envelope, so just because I list these things doesn't guarantee you'll get them (but please do list the things that you would most want.). But yeah, here's a list. Just a warning I have a horrible memory and might have forgot some of the character names, etc.

From the Shugo Chara series I have - Random Nakayoshi stuff, like a Amu cellphone keychain, notebook, notepad, towel, etc. I also have a Ran keychain, and another keychain of that Chara that looks like an angel. I also have a figurine of that girl-who-ended-up-being-a-guy-whose-name-I-don't-remember-and-am-too-lazy-to-look-up, and I'm sure I have some other Shugo Chara things that I'm forgetting to mention.

From other series - Handmade keychains that I got from some girl on Livejournal ( Durarara [Shizuo and that other dude], Death Note [Matt and L] Hetalia, and some Vocaloid keychains), some nendoroids and figures from Vocaloid and Death Note, although some of the pieces may be missing. I also have a Misa Amane plushie and a Vocaloid cellphone chain.

So yeah if anyone is interested then please just leave a comment! =)
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